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Get the assistance you need precisely when you want it, enhancing your overall experience with flexible and personalized communication.


Seize every sales opportunity with our missed call text-back system, and turn missed opportunities into winning deals.


Empowers businesses leading to exceptional service, improved responsiveness, and operational efficiency, leading to higher satisfaction, increased conversions, and a competitive edge.

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Grow your business with our ServiceConnect System!

Consisting of three subsystems, ServiceConnect adds the missing piece in your conversion puzzle, enhancing customer and lead interactions, improve conversions and reduce response times, ultimately driving your service business to new heights of success. 

How It Works?

Install our widget on your website or connect the system to your social media, or Google Business page.

Instant Notification: 
Your team gets an immediate alert when someone requests a callback.
Automatic Connection:
The system auto-dials the lead and connects the call to the designated team member
Scheduled Calls:
For scheduled calls, the system sends reminders to your team as the appointment nears and then auto-connects the lead and the team member.

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